Email Terms of Service

Below you will find our terms of service regarding our email bereavement series. These terms of service also includes matters related to privacy. These legal and privacy terms may be updated from time to time.

  1. Your consent is important to us. We will only send out the email bereavement series to those who personally opt in.
  2. This email series is for informational purposes only and will not contain any marketing or promotional content.
  3. The email series is powered by the MailChimp platform. Here is the link to their privacy policy.
  4. This email bereavement series consists of five emails in total. They are sent out at three month intervals, with the final email sent out at twelve months.
  5. We ask you for your full name and the full name of the deceased whom you are grieving through our sign-up form.
  6. Your sign up information (full name, deceased name, email address) will be deleted from the MailChimp platform less than one month after you have received the final email of the series.
  7. The information that you give to us will be used only for the purpose of providing bereavement support and will be kept confidential by our hospice team.