Grief Support Wish List

We provide grief support follow-up for one year following the death of your loved one. Below is a brief explanation of the types of support that we offer. The sign up buttons provide links to other webpages where you can sign up to each support item individually. Some of these items can also be found in the main navigation menu at the top of each webpage. You may also elect to decline all grief support.

Texting Series

Do you prefer communicating via text messaging? Consider signing up to our bereavement text messaging series! You will receive five text messages in total, spanning one year. The messages are meant to encourage, to uplift, and to educate.

Email Series

Maybe you prefer hearing from us by email. Consider signing up to our email series! You will receive five emails in total over the course of one year. The content of the email series is identical to that of the text message series.

Printed Letters

Do you prefer receiving hard copy letters? We also have our bereavement series in printed format. S
ome letters have an educational character to them regarding the grieving process. Others are meant to be more inspirational or personal.

Phone Calls

Phone calls are made by our grief support members for the purpose of encouraging and uplifting those who are grieving. At times, much needed insight is provided into the grieving process and practical tips are given on how to cope with grief.

Home Visits

Our grief support members are available to visit your home to provide support during the time of loss. As wonderful as modern forms of communication are, nothing can replace the power of face-to-face visits.

Memorial Services

We conduct memorial services twice a year, generally in April and October. These services are held to celebrate the life of your loved one. They typically include music, a message of hope, personal sharing time, and an activity such as a butterfly release or the lighting of candles.