Journeying Together For One Year

Thank you for having allowed Providence Care Hospice to care for your loved one. You entrusted your loved one to us at a very meaningful and challenging time, and that trust is not taken lightly. We understand that this is a difficult time, and you continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

As the title “Journeying Together For One Year” suggests, we follow families for one year following the passing of their loved one. We provide you with more information regarding what this support looks like at the bottom of this document under the heading “Grief Support Wish List.” Once you have reviewed the wish list, we encourage you to click the link provided and to fill out this wish list. This will greatly enhance our ability to provide grief support to you in accordance with your wishes.

The primary contact person in your family will receive the CAHPS Hospice survey, which will be sent out by a third-party vendor called “Fazzi.” We encourage you to participate in this survey, as it will help Providence Care Hospice to better serve future patients.¬†

Reactions to the death of a loved one can vary greatly. Some people enter a season of emotional turbulence and over the course of months and years regain their footing. Others experience a sigh of relief, thankful that their loved one is not suffering anymore. Whatever your experience may be, may you discover renewed courage, purpose, strength, and joy.

Grief Support Wish List

We typically provide grief support follow-up for one year following the death of your loved one, but the length of this follow-up is truly up to the individual: some family members elect to decline all bereavement care, while others elect to receive bereavement follow-up for longer than one year. Below is a brief explanation of the types of support that we offer. Once you have reviewed this document, we encourage you to click on the sign up button below to customize your support wishes. You can also navigate to this same page by locating the “Support Wishes” tab in the navigation menu at the top of each webpage.


We send out bereavement content every three months. They come in the form of printed letters, emails, or text messages, depending on which form of communication you choose. Some have an educational character to them regarding the grieving process. Others are meant to be more inspirational or personal.

Phone Calls

Phone calls are made by our grief support members for the purpose of encouraging and uplifting those who are grieving. At times, much needed insight is provided into the grieving process and practical tips are given on how to cope with grief.

Home Visits

Our grief support members are available to visit your home to provide support during the time of loss. As wonderful as modern forms of communication are, nothing can replace the power of face-to-face visits.

Memorial Services

We conduct memorial services twice a year, generally in April and October. These services are held to celebrate the life of your loved one. They typically include music, a message of hope, personal sharing time, and an activity such as a butterfly release or the lighting of candles.